Faro Boats 5

1 x 40ch
125.000 €

Faro Boats 5

1 x 20ch
110.000 €

Faro Boats 5

1 x 20ch
90.000 €

Faro Boats 5

1 x 15ch
72.500 €

Faro Boats 5

1 x 8ch
62.500 €

Buy a new 100% electric Faroboats boat at ALL YACHT BROKER in Antibes (06)

The market The electric boat market is experiencing particularly dynamic growth in the nautical industry.

More and more boaters and boating professionals are turning to this solution, whether for maritime tourism, aquatic activities, fishing or even getaways with family or friends.

Buying an electric boat means combining pleasure and respect for nature and other sailors while continuing to enjoy your passion for navigation.

You are looking for a new electric boat. design engine?

ALL YACHT BROKER, àgrave; Antibes near Nice (06), offers you the Faro 5, a 100% electric boat, combining refinement and originality.

Official distributor of the Faro brand and specialist in the sale of boats on the Mediterranean arc, our team is committed to at your complete disposal to help you discover this magnificent Day Cruiser.

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Faro Boats - Bateaux Electriques

Sail with complete ecological awareness with a 100% electric Faroboats boat


The Faroboats shipyard, located in à Lisbon (Portugal), manufactured in hand unique boats in terms of design and technology!


Its main concern lies in the construction of ecological boats in order to offer navigators, ports... reliable marine solutions to reduce environmental impact.

Faroboats relies on certified materials, favoring in particular the use of wood species for the upper deck: Cryptomeria Japonica, recognized for its multiple properties.

The Faro 5 is equipped with of an electric motor. This mode of propulsion remains very interesting compared to the thermal engine: absence of vibrations, noise, smoke and substances harmful to fish.

ALL YACHT BROKER ààgrave; Antibes (06) advises you on the installation of a motor that is suitable for your vehicle. your style and navigation area (fresh water or marine environment).

Different engines and latest generation battery types remain possible: Torqeedo Cruise lithium batteries 6.0 kW (8 HP), RimDrive outboard LifePO4 batteries 11.0 kW (15 HP), 15.0 kW (20 HP) and 30.0 kW (40 HP).

The advantages and advantages of Faroboats electric boats

Exploration of the most beautiful spots on Cap d’Antibes, elsewhere in France or elsewhere. abroad, water sports, board sports on coastal or inland waters, the Faro 5 brings new pleasures.

Clean lines and careful finishes, the Faro 5 recalls the elegance and presence of classic boats from the 1920s, all revisited in a modern way. in an ultra-modern look.

The V-shaped planing hull provides better stability to the boat. stopping. The steering is smooth even in the middle of choppy waves and port entry/exit maneuvers are carried out without incident.

Its low draft offers more anchoring possibilities, allows access as close as possible to anchorages and navigation in shallow areas.

The cockpit of the Faro 5 is equipped with Built-in cup holders, a high-quality Fusion stereo system, a cooler and spacious, carefully hidden storage spaces.

A lot of standard equipment is provided, but you can complete it with optional fittings to individualize your Faro 5 electric boat (winter cover, TV charger, etc.). phone by induction, painting, advertising covering…).

Durable, economical, quiet, easy to use easy to handle and with very little maintenance, the Faro 5 continues to seduce you!

Do you own a Yacht? The Faro 5, a 5 m long runabout, allowing 5 people to sleep. on board, can serve as a luxury annex for your vessel. Comfortable for the phelot and guests, it quickly becomes your essential ally.

Why choose ALL YACHT BROKER for your future electric boat

Go through ALL YACHT BROKER, boating professional Antibes (06), provides you with permanent support from the start of your purchasing decision until the end of your purchase. handing over the keys.

Our responsive team guarantees you reliable and consistent quality services.

To continue enjoy the joys of navigation, ALL YACHT BROKER takes care of maintenance, repair, repair ;vision and control of your boat so that it is ready as soon as the good weather returns.

At ALL YACHT BROKER, we work in a spirit of reciprocal listening and in complete transparency. You can count on our determination to fully satisfy you.

Come visit us at our agency located in Antibes, 11 rue du Docteur Rostan, to examine your project and carry out a simulation of the real cost of your needs.

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