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Service from A to Z from purchase to purchase selling your used boat

All Yacht Broker, run by maritime experts Alexis Dupuy and Vincent Cohuau, offers an exhaustive service for the purchase and sale of used boats. This service begins with an in-depth assessment of the boat, where Every detail is taken into account to determine its real value on the market. The team assists clients in all aspects, from advertising to targeted at from price negotiation to managing legal and administrative aspects. This tailored approach ensures a transparent and efficient experience, whether you are a buyer or seller.

Sale of new boats

The sale of new boats at All Yacht Broker is characterized by a rigorous selection of innovative models. This is why our company today markets three extraordinary brands. Espadon Boats, Macan and Faro Boats will dazzle you with their nautical capabilities.

Each boat will be presented to you. with detailed information on its features, performance and available options. Customers benefit from personalized advice to choose the boat that perfectly matches their needs. their expectations in terms of navigation, comfort and style. Additionally, sea trials are held to ensure complete customer satisfaction before purchase.

Solution to amortize your boat (Rental management)

All Yacht Broker's rental management service is an innovative solution for owners wishing to make their boat profitable. This service includes marketing the boat, managing reservations, welcoming tenants, and maintenance between each rental. All Yacht Broker ensures that each charter goes smoothly, providing an additional source of income for owners while guaranteeing maintenance and safety. of their boat.

Support in your search for a berth

Finding a suitable berth can be a complicated process. and frustrating. All Yacht Broker, thanks to Thanks to its extensive network and local knowledge, it helps clients to achieve their goals. find ideal port locations, whether for mooring at short term or long term rental long term. The team provides comprehensive support, including negotiating port contract terms, to simplify this crucial stage of port ownership. of a boat.

Premium delivery (Handling and navigation support)

All Yacht Broker's premium delivery service goes above and beyond. from the simple handing over of the keys. It includes complete training on the boat, practical navigation advice, and assistance in first trips. This approach aims to ensure new owners feel confident and ready to move forward. navigate in complete safety, maximizing the pleasure and comfort of their new acquisition.

Connection with maritime experts

Access to All Yacht Broker's network of maritime experts is a major asset. These professionals offer detailed assessments, boat inspections, and advice on maintenance and improvements. Whether you need expertise for a sale, a purchase, or simply to keep your boat in excellent condition, All Yacht Broker connects you with the best specialists in the field.

Insurance quote for your new or used boat

All Yacht Broker works with reputable insurance companies to provide competitive quotes and comprehensive insurance coverage for all types of boats. Whether you own a sailboat, a yacht or a jet boat, engine, the team will help you to find the best insurance option that meets your needs your specific needs and to suit your needs. your budget.

Management and monitoring of mechanical, electronic and electrical repairs

All Yacht Broker's repair service covers all technical aspects of a boat. Whether it's mechanical repairs, upgrades, etc. Whether you need electronics or electrical maintenance, All Yacht Broker's experienced team ensures that every job is carried out with precision and expertise. This comprehensive service ensures your boat remains seaworthy. optimal, thus increasing its lifespan and value.

Boat buyback

For those who want to sell their boat quickly and securely, All Yacht Broker offers a direct buyback service. This option allows for a hassle-free sale, without the delays and uncertainties of the market. Valuation is fair and transparent, providing sellers with a convenient solution to release their capital invested in the boat.

In summary, All Yacht Broker offers a full range of premium nautical services, tailored to the individual needs of each client. With a dedicated and experienced team, the company positions itself as a leader in the nautical sector, offering expertise, confidence and quality. superior in all aspects of boating.